Blade Bus
(Photo: Blade)

US-based helicopter charter company Blade, renowned for its high-earning clientele, is now offering a new coach service. This more affordable option is designed to cater to a wider range of travelers, including those with lower incomes, who are eager to experience the luxury of the Hamptons.

The new coach service from Blade is not just an affordable alternative to the high-cost helicopter rides, but it also promises to maintain the same luxurious experience. This unique offering sets it apart from other budget options.

"We're excited about the 'white space' between a $40 Jitney ride and $1,000 helicopter flight," Roisin Branch, the CMO of Blade, told The Post.

The Blade Streamliner buses are designed to provide a first-class experience. With deep-recline seats offering five feet of legroom and memory foam backs, comfort is a top priority.

Passengers will also have access to ultra-fast WiFi, power leg rests, neck pillows, blankets and a hot towel service.

Blade Bus
(Photo: Blade)

The coach, which can hold a maximum of 19 travellers, had its high-tech seats developed by American manufacturing company Bose.

According to Blade, the so-called "HoverSeat" design sets out to eliminate 90% of bumps and vibration and to help alleviate motion sickness.

The chairs are "the most advanced passenger seats in the world," the brand said in a press release.

The coach service offers two seating options. The 12 seats on the right side of the bus, consisting of six rows of double seats, are priced at $195 per person. The seven single seats on the left side of the bus are priced at $275 each.

Dogs are also welcomed onto the coach at an additional fee. As part of Blade's collaboration with luxury pet accessories company Bonefly, the four-legged passengers will also be provided with pup amenities.

Blade Bus
(Photo: Blade)

The Blade Streamliner buses are expected to test the Hampton Jitney service, which costs passengers just $41 when a ticket is purchased in advance. The contest for Hampton Jitney comes after the company has faced criticism from customers who have complained that the service's customer service levels have dropped significantly.

One long-time Jitney passenger told the post that the coach service was now "like taking an old Greyhound bus."

Blade's new buses will also provide travellers with their "Passenger Experience Team Members", who will move through the bus throughout the journey, serving light food and cocktails. The Streamliner staff members will also offer passengers pillows and blankets, all at the press of a call button.

"Until electric vertical aircraft are available, we can't make helicopter travel less expensive," Branch said. "But we can elevate the ground travel experience, which has not changed in over a century."

While our first-class coach service may not appeal to helicopter service users, it is a perfect alternative for those who value luxury and affordability. With amenities that rival those of a car service to the Hamptons, costing between $350 to $750, we assure you that your travel experience will be nothing short of exceptional.