American child dancer, actress and model Maddie Ziegler has opened up about her relationship with Australian singer and songwriter Sia.

During an interview with the May issue of Nylon magazine, the 12-year-old, who appeared in the 39-year-old's music video for her single Elastic Heart, talked about their special connection.

"I love hanging out with her because she's super funny and is always having a laugh with everyone. When I'm with her, I have no worries in the world," she said.

Maddie revealed some valuable advice given by Sia.

"She said that when she was younger, she was a songwriter and getting burnt out because she kept going and going. So she always tells me to make sure I'm having fun, because she doesn't want me to keep working and working and then start hating what I do," the young girl added.

The Dance Moms star said she likes to stay away from fame and attention.

Maddie said: "Everyone's like 'Oh, you must live in LA, the glamorous life' and I really don't. I'm in a small house, in Pittsburgh, in the snow. My friends and I on the show, we don't consider ourselves to be famous.

"We act like normal kids, but sometimes it's hard for us if we go out for ice cream, or go shopping at the mall, because a big group of people will stop us and ask for photos. We just want to live normal lives, but that's hard to do sometimes."