A 51-year-old man was dragged underwater and was eaten alive by a crocodile in the North Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The man named Luther had been taking a bath in the river when a 13-foot-long crocodile attacked him. The locals tried to scare off the giant predator but could not save the victim.

A video of the incident, which was recorded by people present when the incident occurred, shows a screaming man being dragged underwater. The incident took place on February 16 when the man had gone to collect palm leaves and stopped to take a dip in the Bebatu river.

"This is where a person was attacked by a crocodile but have not yet been found until now. We are making a video here," a person could be heard saying in the video. "Oh my God the crocodile ate the man," he says in the video later.

Village head Mahmuda said that this was not the first time that such an incident has occurred in the canal. He further stated that a search operation was launched immediately to locate the man.
"Incidents of people being attacked by crocodiles in the canal also happened before," he said.

The army and the police are still trying to search for the victim. "We are constrained by the location where there are lots of bushes, branching canals, and inadequate equipment but our team will try our best to find the victim," they informed the Daily Mail.

Lieutenant Colonel Tri Prio Utomo, who is overseeing the search operation, said that his team is on to the task and is trying its best to find the victim.

Meanwhile, the villagers and the locals have been warned to not to go near the canal. Warning signs that read "No activity in this area, it's dangerous. There's a crocodile," have also been put up in the area.

"We urge everyone not to come near the canal so please obey the signs to avoid these incidents from happening," reads the warning issued by the authorities.

A Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) comes out the of the water (Representation) Photo: AFP / ASHRAF SHAZLY