Mesut Ozil
Sir Alex Ferguson insists losing out on landing Mesut Ozil wasn't the worst thing in his career.

Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted that he made the best decision in not signing Arsenal star Mesut Ozil in 2010 when Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney commanded the then-manager to make the transfer happen.

Rooney was becoming increasingly unhappy at United on the back of the club selling Cristiano Ronaldo and had begun to question the manager's transfer tactics.

Ferguson wrote in his autobiography: "My response was to ask Wayne: 'when have we not challenged for the League in the last 20 years?' How many European finals have we been to in the last three or four years?'

"I told him that to say we weren't ambitious was nonsense.

"Wayne said that we should have pursued Mesut Ozil, who had joined Real Madrid from Werder Bremen. My reply was that it was none of his business who we should have gone for.

"I told him it was his job to play and perform. My job was to pick the correct teams. And so far I had been getting it right."

When asked about the passage in a recent press conference Ferguson defended his decision not to sign Ozil, who shone at Real Madrid before sealing a move to Arsenal in the summer.

He explained, as reported by the Mirror: "Well, he was not on our radar at the time. Ozil when at Werder Bremen played wide right, then towards the end of the season played him off the front.

"He went to South Africa and did very well. But wasn't on our radar. But I explained to Wayne and we get most of our decisions right."

United under Ferguson certainly did get most of their decisions right with the side becoming a force in England and across Europe under the legendary manager's guidance.

But Ozil could prove to be one of the few who got away from Ferguson with the midfielder starring for Arsenal this season and helping the side regain their hope of winning silverware once more.

Meanwhile for United their midfield troubles look to have continued in this campaign after the club failed to land multiple targets in the summer including former Arsenal man Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara.