San Francisco native Ryan Newlan looks like he could be on the verge of a viral hit, and possibly a commercial smash, unveiling what appears to be an impressive touchscreen mirror.

While the idea has been out there for some years, and similar versions of large touch screen technology have been sporadically released, Newlan's version is able to alternate between apps, videos, music, and ordering rides from Uber through a quick string of hand movements.

Shown off in a YouTube video, Newlan's work began to trend on Reddit when he posted it to the site on 28 April 2016.

It contains important apps such as Dropbox, Apple AirDrop, Apple Photo Library, Reddit and music and movie players. He's also aiming it towards people who run late for work, allowing users to hail an Uber in a matter of just a few touches.

The mirror can also adjust volume by touching and dragging two fingers in an upward or downward motion. Do the same, but twist your fingers left and right, and you can adjust the temperature in your Nest-enabled home.