Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen planking
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen planking in their November video. Picture:

The planking craze has swept the world by storm this year and has become a trend that won't go away.

Now Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are jumping on the bandwagon too.

The twins create silly monthly promotional videos for their fashion website StyleMint and November's theme includes a series of popular scenes from notable films and cartoons where the twins appear in a series of "planking", "storking" and "owling" poses.

But the twin sisters, who found childhood fame after appearing on popular television show Full House, are looking to start a new internet craze: hugging. And they have claimed they are making it their "own for the holidays".

Tying in a Christmas theme for their November T Moment Contest, which aims to celebrate Thanksgiving, the twins send a simple message about "hugging someone you're thankful for" as part of a clever online marketing campaign for their latest range of T-shirts.

Planking, the internet craze and viral meme - where participants lie flat and stiff, with nose and belly to the ground, to emulate a plank - has become increasingly popular among celebrities.

Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have all been adopters of planking in recent months.

Although the craze may, at first glance, appear harmless, planking has a darker side. In May this year, a 20-year-old man tragically fell to his death in Brisbane, Australia, while attempting to plank on a seventh-story balcony about 4.30am in the morning.

But the constant media attention and viral nature of the activity across social networking platforms has only seemed to increase planking's popularity.

And by the looks of it, planking doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.

See Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen plank in the video below.