A Norwegian court has sentenced mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, to 21 years in prison and declared him sane, for killing 77 people and injured 242 others in a murderous rampage against multiculturalism in 2011.

Breivik left Prison to attend court this morning. He admitted in chilling detail carrying out the murders and the court decision today, was to establish whether he was sane, or insane, at the time of the killings. A panel of five judges decided that Breivik was sane, and his sentence would therefore be served in a high security prison with a minimum tariff of ten years. Instead of solitary confinement, in a mental asylum. Where his sentence would be reviewed every three years, if he was found insane.

This verdict will no doubt reassure families of the dead and injured who pushed for a sane verdict throughout the trial.

In a previous statement during the trial Breivik declared himself sane and called an insanity verdict "worse than death".

Written and presented by Ann Salter