After "Broken" Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff aka "Brother Nero" quit TNA (Impact Wrestling) in February this year, rumours began circulating about the Hardys making their WWE return with fans intensely debating about the brothers' comeback.

The rumours intensified after WWE posted a video of the Hardy Boyz on the federation's official Twitter account with the caption, "You better believe tables were BROKEN in the battle between The #HardyBoyz at the 25th Anniversary of #WrestleMania! #WWENetwork."

Matt replied, "Did someone say #BROKEN? EXQUISITE."

The WWE Universe will be thrilled to know that the same rumours have turned to reality as Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer has confirmed the return of the nine-time WWE tag team champions to the entertainment company.

"The Hardys are coming to WWE, and soon. The only question is what day and what brand," Meltzer said as quoted by The Daily Star.

This comes just days ahead of the company's biggest pay-per-view-of them all – WrestleMania - which is taking place at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

So, will the brothers make their WWE return at Wrestlemania 33? They could make an appearance at the show or have a fight as Meltzer said, "Contractually, they can debut whenever WWE wants them to debut."

That said, it is not yet known if the brothers can perform their "broken brilliance" of deranged and maniacal versions of themselves that they did when they were with TNA. The brothers and TNA have been feuding over the gimmick ever since the duo left the promotion.

A few days back, Matt released a video on his Youtube channel, wherein he and Jeff warned that they will "delete" Impact Wrestling if they are challenged over the "broken" gimmick.

The brothers also dropped their TNA tag team titles into the "Lake of Reincarnation" for a set of new belts and claimed that they are the final TNA tag team champions.

Matt Hardy
Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy WWE/Youtube