Fast food fiends have been queuing at McDonald's branches all over the UK since the crack of dawn today to get their favourite daily grub at reduced prices. The price cuts came after the government put in place a VAT reduction scheme on the hospitality and tourism industry.

The announcement was made last week by Chancellor Rishi Sunak where he said he would slash VAT from 20% down to just 5% as an effort to encourage Brits to start getting back to their normal spending habits. This move comes as a vital boost to the industry that has been struggling through the current economic crisis brought on by the still ongoing pandemic.

McDonald's UK reveals that its franchises are slashing prices on classic faves like Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Chicken Nuggets. McDonald's patrons can now enjoy a 40 pence reduction on Extra Value Meals, 30 pence off for Happy Meals and 50 pence off on breakfast meals. McCafe is also rolling back their prices on black coffee at 99 pence and premium coffee at £1.49.

However, the price roll back does not apply to everything on the menu list. It also excluded orders via McDelivery. As of 5am today, the fast food chain says all price reductions on menu items will only be for take-out, drive-thru as well as dine-ins once they are allowed to reopen. The restaurant chain reassures that their branches have removed at most 70 percent of seating capacity to enable proper social distancing of diners.

Here's what you can expect from the new menu prices at McDonald's :

  • 50 pence off breakfast meals
  • 30 pence off single McMuffins
  • 40 pence off on Extra Value Meals
  • 30 pence off on every Happy Meal
  • 20 pence off on McNuggets, Big Mac, Q.Pounder w/ cheese
  • 20 pence off Filet o'Fish, McChicken , and Veggie Deluxe
  • Premium coffees @ £1.49
  • Black and white coffee @ 99p from its original price of £ 1.39

Other restaurant chains such as Nando's, Wahaca , Pret A Manger, and KFC have also followed suit in reducing their menu prices as they try to lure back their regular customers.

These price cuts on junk food however, do not come without some drawbacks as many critics believe it conflicts with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's drive against obesity.

McDonald's breakfast
A McDonald's Egg McMuffin and hash browns are displayed at a McDonald's restaurant on July 23, 2015 in Fairfield, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images