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A bright light believed to be a meteorite was spotted across Britain and Scotland on Saturday.

Police officials received several calls about reports of a "bright light" and an "orange glow" were spotted across Scotland and the north of England around 9:40pm on Saturday, reported the Press Association

A Durham police spokesman said that they received several calls reporting of a fire in the sky believing that there had been an incident involving aircraft.

"It has been confirmed with air traffic control that there are no incidents of aircraft in difficulty and nothing registered on radar," Press Association quoted her as saying.

"The sightings are believed to be either an asteroid burning out or something similar which has been restricted to the upper atmosphere only," she added

The Met Office said that it believed that the bright light might have been a meteorite.

Meanwhile, several people took to twitter and posted pictures of the bright light in the sky. They tweeted the Met Office to report the incident.

One tweet read, @metoffice: "saw a meteor north west england, is this right?"

For which, the Met Office, tweeted back, saying, "Unfortunately we cannot confirm if this was a meteor or not as this is not our expertise, but thanks for your question."

"Occasionally you get a very big piece of debris coming into the Earth's atmosphere and this causes a fireball," Professor David Whitehouse, an astronomer, told BBC.

"When you see this fireball breaking up, you're seeing the wreckage of a planet that couldn't form properly when the solar system was young and a bit of rock that has been orbiting the Sun for perhaps thousands of millions of years," he added.

Check out a video of the meteor believed to have been spotted over Britain: