U.S. first lady Michelle Obama was the guest on "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Tuesday.

Michelle is on a trip to the West Coast to meet Democratic Party donors and also to promote 'Let's Move!' - her initiative for a healthy lifestyle project. Her project is dedicated to solve the challenges of childhood obesity within a generation and offers healthy diet alternatives for kids.

She talked on a number of issues, including how her daughters lead a normal life in the White House and her husband's run for the presidential campaign on the show.

The Associated Press reported that Michelle convinced Leno to dip an apple in White House honey.

"It will help it go down easier," she assured him.

Leno, who once told a magazine that he tasted his last apple in 1984, quipped, "White House honey? That sounds bad". "You know, with a different president that could mean a whole different thing, 'a little White House honey.'"

When questioned on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's ability to sing, Michelle said, "It's beautiful," with a laugh. "And it is America's song, and it's a song that's meant to be sung by every American," the first lady said.

But when she was asked about her husband's singing, she said, "He does have a beautiful voice, and he sings to me all the time."

Obama recently impressed many by singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" song at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater.

The first lady had appeared in the "Tonight Show" in 2008 when her husband was a candidate and also appeared via satellite on the show in 2009.

She is scheduled to appear in "Ellen DeGeneres Show" and also take part in several fund raising events.

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