Microsoft has launched a radical new version of its Windows operation system, Windows 8. Company CEO talked about the ground-breaking features of the new OS.

"With Windows 8, what we've done is actually reimagined Windows and we've reimagined essentially the whole PC industry in addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduced the PC as tablet, which I think will be phenomenal. We've redone the user interface to be much more personal and alive with the things that are important to you from the cloud, if you will, and it's one of the most exciting moments, I think, in the history of the PC industry."

"What we think we've done is hit a very good balance of bringing along the applications and user the experience that people know and love and need to sort of do what they do everyday, personally and professionally and then we've added in a seamless way these additional capabilities and additional hardware form factors and I think that is going to be exactly.. meet the target with the consumer."

Written by Alfred Joyner