Microsoft Windows Phone Store Reportedly Falls Prey to Issues over the Weekend: Access the App Repository now and specifically check-out In-app Purchases
Windows Phone Store reportedly a victim of various app-related issues over the weekend. Windows Phone Store

Users logging in to Microsoft's Windows Phone app repository have reportedly experienced difficulties with respect to various app-related aspects, and the issues include difficulty in finding apps as well.

According to a WMPowerUser report that quotes multiple user reports, users logging in to the Windows Phone app repository on 21 September, 2014, were reportedly facing issues ranging from not finding apps, to hollow category listings.

Users have even reported that they were not able to make in-application purchases from within various apps.

Meanwhile, a tabtec report quotes certain users as having reported (to the portal) about having to resort to making re-purchases, even after legitimately purchasing applications.

The above issues were claimed to have been reported by users logging in to the Windows Phone Store, over the weekend. The app repository seemed to be back to normal when IBTimes UK accessed the online store and checked out apps.

With claims being made about the above issues affecting those logging in to the Windows app repository over the weekend, we invite our readers to post their experiences (in our comments section below), after checking out the Microsoft Windows Phone Store.

As of now, Microsoft is currently on a Nokia revamping spree, a fact evident by the company's recent move to divert people, accessing Nokia UK's website, to its own UK web portal.