Sara Leal
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Sara Leal, the 24-year-old model with whom Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher had an affair while married to ex-wife Demi Moore, believes Kutcher is a risky bet for any woman. Leal told The Sun that if she were Mila Kunis, with whom Kutcher is now involved, she would not trust the actor.

"Once a cheater, always a cheater. If I were Mila I'd be careful, he doesn't have the best track record. But she's obviously willing to take that risk. If I was dating a guy that had cheated on his wife I would be a little suspicious. It would probably make me extra crazy and extra insecure. I'd definitely keep an eye out," Leal said.

Kutcher and Leal had a brief fling in September 2011, when they slept with each other twice, in a hotel room in San Diego. The affair was on the eve of the sixth anniversary for Kutcher and Moore.

"I would hate for Mila to have the same experience as Demi. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I would just hope that she's secure, and she seems a really smart girl," Leal said, adding, "It was never my intention, but that doesn't make it OK."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with Star magazine, Leal said she has seen photographs of the 35-year-old Kutcher in his pyjamas. The photographs have reportedly been shown to her by a friend, whose friend is in a relationship with the actor.

"Apparently the girl was at Ashton's house in LA, and obviously someone was with him, but he didn't know he was in the picture. It was creepy," Leal told Star, adding, "It could be just an innocent picture, but I think it's also possible he's not dating Mila exclusively."

Rumours of infidelity aside, Hollywood Life reports Kutcher and Kunis may be thinking about marriage.

A source told the website: "He may have a history when he was with Demi but in no way shape or form has he cheated on Mila, he loves her and has known her for so long that he would do nothing to hurt her. He wants to and probably will marry her one day. I've never seen a couple more compatible. They make each other better."

Kutcher and the 29-year-old Kunis went public about their relationship in September. The stars know each other from their time together as a couple on the popular American sitcom That '70s Show.