MrBeast challenges T-Series for YouTube crown. Steven Kahn

MrBeast and T-Series are locked in a race for the YouTube channel with the most subscribers. T-Series, the Indian record label that dethroned PewDiePie in 2019, now faces a potential subscriber takeover by the rapidly growing MrBeast.

Though boasting a massive following, YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) has yet to claim the top spot. T-Series, India's music giant, reigns supreme with 263 million subscribers, closely followed by MrBeast's rapidly growing channel at 252 million.

Facing a subscriber challenge from MrBeast, T-Series fired back on Monday with a new video urging viewers to subscribe. T-Series' new video opens with a quote by their late founder, Gulshan Kumar, emphasising his desire to put "India and my people at the top of the international platform."

The video then rallies viewers to "make history together" by subscribing to the channel. While the video doesn't mention the YouTuber directly, T-Series' subscriber push deviates from their standard content of music videos and film trailers, hinting at a strategic response to the growing competition.

The Subscriber Showdown: MrBeast vs. T-Series Battle for YouTube Supremacy

Notably, both accounts' subscriber stats (via Social Blade) show a major contrast in growth. MrBeast gained a whopping seven million subscribers in the last month, while T-Series only attracted two million. This trend holds true year-over-year, with MrBeast acquiring 105 million subscribers compared to T-Series' 23 million, according to Tubefilter.

T-Series has reigned supreme on YouTube since dethroning PewDiePie in 2019, becoming the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers. MrBeast, on the other hand, is the fastest-growing individual creator, snatching the "most-subscribed individual" title from PewDiePie in November 2022. He now sets his sights on the overall top spot.

A playful competition has emerged between MrBeast and T-Series, with MrBeast vowing to claim the top spot for PewDiePie. MrBeast's recent expansion beyond YouTube, hosting a £4 million ($5 million) Beast Games show on Prime Video, could further fuel his subscriber growth and potentially make him the new king of YouTube.

According to Livecounts, the difference between MrBeast and T-Series subscribers is slightly over 11,000,000. It will be interesting to see whether T-Series resorts to using one of these 10 ways to get more subscribers as well.

MrBeast Addresses His Huge Fanbase In India

There are no prizes for guessing; MrBeast wants to be the world's "#1 most subscribed" YouTube channel. "With the upcoming sub race with T-Series I just want to make clear I love my fans from India and this has nothing to do with countries," the YouTuber wrote in an X post in 2023. "I just want to be #1 most subscribed haha," he added.

MrBeast sparked controversy earlier in 2024 when he declined to post videos on X, Elon Musk's platform. The YouTuber explained in an X post that his videos cost a lot of money, and posting them on X wouldn't help him make even a fraction of it even if they get a billion views.

However, he agreed to try it once the platform offered better monetisation. In April, a prominent online personality publicly praised platform Y, crediting it with boosting both its content creation and revenue. This endorsement sparked a reaction from X owner Elon Musk.