An Islamist cleric said on Thursday (July 11) that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood was preparing for mass demonstrations and marches on Friday (July 12) as part of their continuing campaign demanding the ousted President Mohamed Morsi be released from detention and reinstated.

At the Brotherhood sit-in outside Rabaa mosque in Cairo, many Egyptians spent the last hours before breaking the fast of Ramadan sitting in the heat of the July sun.

At the sit-in, volunteers were handing out food and water to supporters. They even set up a makeshift kitchen to cook food for the thousands who would break fast.

Anti-Morsi protesters are also planning a big rival demonstration on Friday.

The army's removal of Egypt's first freely elected leader last week, after millions took to the streets to protest against him, has left the Arab world's most populous country polarised by divisions unseen in its modern history. Violence between supporters of Morsi and soldiers at a military compound this week has deepened the fissures.

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