The Albanvale UFO, recorded on video last year by Ivan Rigoni
Loud bangs were heard across the UK on Saturday night triggering UFO and alien invasion speculations. The Albanvale UFO video/Ivan Rigoni

A series of mysterious noises across the UK have baffled people who are linking the event with some extraterrestrial activities including meteors and UFOs.

The loud bangs heard across the country on Saturday night gave rise to speculations that they may have been caused by a spy plane, Get Surrey reported.

The weird noise however, was also reported by New York State locals, thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, the website said in its report.

Described as scary and as loud as fireworks, the bizarre night's events were so powerful that they shook windows and disturbed sleeping children and pets.

While some speculated that the event was the result of a secret military exercise, others believed the strange event was an alien invasion or meteor strike.

Some Twitter users thought that the noises were a result of space junk burning up in the atmosphere.

Here are some Twitter reactions about the mysterious event.