The Arkansas Nuclear Plant may have a surprise visitor from outer space, as there are reports that a suspicious flying object hovered over the nuclear plant for almost two hours some days ago.

The suspected UFO was spotted over the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) water reactor nuclear power plant located near Russellville, Headlines and Global News reported via Mutual UFO Network.

A local witness, who also recorded the entire event on his camera, said that the bright, flashy, platform-like object "emitted multi-colored lights as it remained stationary in the sky. For the next following two hours I would check on it periodically."

"It ascended a flight path over my house and was completely out of view within three minutes. Object had no sound and had a strange electromagnetic-like feeling pulsate through my body as it flew over me," the witness added.

Days after the sighting of the unidentified object, another UFO was spotted in Portugal when mysterious strands of 'angel hair' fell from the sky.

Experts speculate that the white wispy strands over the deep blue sky were created by a passing UFO, AOL reported.

Angel hair is often compared to the sticky spider web which contains a substance that helps spiders to migrate.

Mysterious UFO With Angel Hair Strands Spotted Over Portugal Sky

The website also quoted Wikipedia which has described angel hair as a "sticky, fibrous substance reported in connection with UFO sightings, or manifestations of the Virgin Mary. It has been described as being like a cobweb or a jelly."

Meanwhile, local residents are baffled by the mysterious substance which appears alive when scrutinised through ultraviolet rays.

"It fell during the afternoon. I tried to inquire if aeroplanes flew over before, but no straight answer. It happened two weekends in a row.

"Me and a couple of friends sent it to be analysed – and the weirdest things happened. It reacts to UV light. It comes alive."