The NBA Finals are turning out as most experts predicted. The Miami Heat, 5th seed of the Eastern Conference, got to the NBA Finals after pulling off three straight upsets. Now down 0-2, the Miami Heat players are promising to fight back, not just to give the Los Angeles Lakers a hard time, but to win.

NBA fans expected this season's finals to be between the Los Angeles Lakers with its two superstars and the Milwaukee Bucks led by reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

But that's not the case. The Miami Heat as series underdogs, beat the 4th seed Pacers, the top-seeded Bucks, and then the 3rd seed Boston Celtics. Now, still playing as underdogs, they plan to pull the same trick again.

But the Heat is nearing the end of its rope. Two players, All-Star forward Bam Adebayo and veteran guard Goran Dragic got injured and have already missed games.

According to, Both players are listed as doubtful for Game 3. Heat swingman Jimmy Butler said, "We are not giving up, it's not over."

Tyler Herro said, "We can either fold or fight. We know what kind of team we are."

Coach Erik Spoelstra said that Miami will "take it into another level" and "don't give a s**t what anyone else says."

Brave words from the Miami camp, but give them credit. They got to where they are against all odds in the entire playoffs and the same applies to the NBA finals.

Both teams are going for NBA history. Nobody has ever won the NBA Finals as a 5th seed. The 1995 Houston Rockets did win the finals as a 6th seed, so the achievement that Miami is going for has not happened in the past 25 years.

The Lakers are also going for their 17th franchise championship. If they win it, they will tie the Boston Celtics as the two teams with the most NBA Championships in history.

The Miami Heat also have one more thing going for them. Only four teams have won the NBA Finals down 0-2. They happen to be one of those teams, achieving the feat in 2006. If they pull it off, it would be an exciting ending to a roller coaster "asterisk" season.

Miami Heat
Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler says the team will need to neutralise LeBron James in the NBA Finals GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Mike Ehrmann