The unibody rear cover and chassis of what is claimed to be a new, larger iPhone with a smaller dock connector and SIM card tray has been shown off on video for the first time.

iPhone case
(credit: 9to5mac)

Following on from the leaked images in late May claiming to be components for the new iPhone - commonly referred to as the iPhone 5 - this video shows clearly the same rear cover and aluminium chassis seen previously.

If genuine, then it is no surprise to see Apple develop a larger iPhone, with the 4.8in Samsung Galaxy S3 and 4.7in HTC One X towering above the 3.5in iPhone 4S, a larger screen for the next generation Apple smartphone is badly needed.

Apart from the larger size, the video also highlights a new construction which unifies the rear case and chassis into one - presumably aluminium - piece, whereas the glass rear cover and aluminium chassis of the iPhone 4S are two pieces screwed together.

The YouTube video, which has been uploaded by ETrade Supply, a Chinese supplier of phone components, also shows a new, smaller dock connector which will presumably see Apple ditch the aging 30-pin connection in favour of a smaller, bespoke solution or the industry standard microUSB - though this latter scenario is unlikely given Apple's penchanct for doing its own thing.

The smaller connection port is flanked by a different design of speaker grill and on the left there is a headphone jack, which has until now always appeared on the iPhone's top edge.

Other changes found on this part include a smaller SIM card tray - possibly using the nano SIM design that