National Health Service staff shared how devastated they were due to the death of a particular COVID-19 patient. A mother-to-be passed away while giving birth at Whittington Hospital in Archway. The newborn reportedly has not been infected with the novel coronavirus.

At the north London hospital, the unnamed pregnant woman passed away during labour. It is unclear if the victim had any underlying health conditions which made her too weak to beat the virus.

Her body has been sent for a post mortem to determine the cause of death. The coroner's report can help conclude to what extent the novel coronavirus affected the pregnant victim.

Doctors at the hospital informed The Sun that the child was healthy and had not tested positive for COVID-19. NHS staff were reportedly left in tears after the woman's death. Nevertheless, the healthy child has instilled hope in some of the health care workers.

Other patients have had different results. There has been a number of instances where newborn babies have suffered due to their mothers being infected with the novel coronavirus.

In March, a pregnant COVID-19 patient delivered a baby in North Middlesex Hospital. Soon after the birth, the child tested positive. The mother and the baby had to be separated and were under treatment in separate hospitals.

Meanwhile, a one-day-old baby in Louisiana became the state's youngest COVID-19 victim on Monday. The newborn baby's mother was in a critical condition after being infected by the virus. She was admitted to a hospital on April 1. The Daily Mail reported that as her condition worsened, the mother-to-be was placed on a ventilator. The stress on her body made her go into preterm labour.

After the birth of the premature baby girl, doctors at the hospital tried to stabilise her condition. However, within a day of her birth, the baby passed away. East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner claimed that COVID-19 was to blame for the death of the child. The mother remains under care at the hospital.

A pregnant woman wearing a face mask as a precautionary measure walks past a street mural in Hong Kong AFP / ANTHONY WALLACE AFP / ANTHONY WALLACE