Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has vowed to clean up parliament after a raft of sleaze allegations against MPs and Lords have been revealed.

The Lib Dem leader has outlined plans to create a register of lobbyists and introduce powers for the public to recall MPs in the wake of two Labour peers being suspended from the House of Lords for apparently agreeing to ask questions in exchange for cash.

The scandals came just days after Tory MP Patrick Mercer quit the Conservative party after being filmed seemingly agreeing to ask questions in the House of Commons about Fiji in return for a payment. Lord Laird resigned from the Ulster Unionist Party after getting caught out in a sleaze sting by journalists.

Clegg insisted UK politics was "crying out for head-to-toe reform" to make a "cleaner, better politics." Prime Minister David Cameron has branded lobbying as the "next big scandal" before the 2015 general election.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner