Budding actor Nick Ikunda could see his dreams of breaking into Hollywood slip away after becoming embroiled in an alleged drugs scandal. The rising star, who took home the best actor gong at the Bafta Scotland New Talent Awards in April, has reportedly been exposed as a drug dealer.

The Daily Record claims the 27-year-old, known as "Kash" on the streets, can make up to £1,000 a day peddling rocks of crack and bags of heroin to desperate addicts on Glasgow's south side.

His alleged seedy moonlighting gig was reportedly revealed during a covert sting by the newspaper following a tip off from a drug user who claimed to be one of his clients.

"He went to Govan High School, which is tough, but he was trendy and popular so it was easy for him to make contacts," the drug addict is reported to have told the paper. "He still has contacts in London that he gets drugs from.

"He knows crack addicts will sometimes use heroin to bring them down from the effects. The withdrawal can be terrible."

The Daily Record claims that days after his Bafta win, Ikunda was seen dropping off drugs around Glasgow by a reporter who had followed him. After witnessing the drop-off, an undercover reported posed as a potential customer and arranged to buy a £20 rock of crack at a five-a-side football pitch.

"I can give you one rock for 20 quid but it's 30 quid for two, so you'd be getting the other one half-price," he allegedly told the reporter. "I can't do it any cheaper because there's not much about just now."

Ikunda won for his Bafta for his role in short film Happy Together, which tells the story of a homeless youth who forms a close bond with a lonely old woman.

But he had appeared to forget the silver screen when he allegedly urged the investigator to buy in bulk to get a better price after The Record reached out again.

The paper reports he said: "Six rocks would normally be £120 but you're going to get it for a discount price, which would be £90."

No charges have been brought against Ikunda, nor proved, following the allegations from the Daily Record. IBTimes UK has contacted the actor for a comment and is awaiting a reply.