British culinary personality Nigella Lawson
British culinary personality Nigella Lawson Reuters

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson reportedly attended hypnotherapy sessions to shed weight.

The 53-year-old attended a course of £295 hypnotherapy sessions with therapist Susan Hepburn, who has reportedly worked with Lily Allen in the past, at a Harley Street clinic. The result was - she lost over two stone in weight, over a 14-month period.

"Nigella loves her food and always will," a source told Mirror, "She will never compromise on epicurean delight for the sake of her waistline and isn't the kind of woman to survive on rice cakes and cottage cheese. But she wanted to lose a few pounds, and decided hypnotherapy would mean she could still eat her favourite foods - but in smaller sizes. Nigella was thrilled with the results. She has also learnt self-hypnosis which she will be able to use for life."

Lawson, who had previously claimed that she will never deprive herself of food to lose weight, has also known to adopt other weight loss methods including pilates, portion control and even employed a personal trainer.

The culinary personality, who is married to art collector Charles Saatchi, has openly declared her love for eating healthy food and being curvy in the past.

"I remember Elizabeth Hurley once said, 'It's either the cookie jar or the size six jeans'. Well, fair enough. She would rather the size six jeans, I would rather the cookie jar," she said, "In the end, you make that choice. If wearing certain clothes matters most to you, then that is going to be your priority, whereas I could probably do that for two days but my real priority is eating."

Lawson recently showed off her slender figure at fellow chef Giorgio Locatelli's 50th birthday party in Soho.

It was previously reported that Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, underwent hypnotherapy to help her overcome eating problems related to morning sickness.