IDC Cites Nintendo Wii U as Key to Console Market's Future
Running contrary to most analysts predictions regarding Nintendo's future Wii U console, the International Data Corporation (IDC) has issued a fresh report suggesting the machine will be a key turning point in the games industry's future. REUTERS

Zavvi has become the first retailer to attempt to guess the new Nintendo Wii U console's price and release date, selling it for pre-order at £399.85 with a launch date of 20 July, 2012.

Since Nintendo unveiled its new Wii U console at this year's E3 expo without disclosing the consoles price or release date past a vague "2012" promise, consumer and critics alike have speculated about what Nintendo's plans are.

The console promises to build on the Wii adding a full touch-screen tablet controller and HD 1080p graphics.

While some of the third-party launch titles confirmed for the console may provide some hint as to when the console could come out -- with many having more specific release dates for their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions -- Nintendo has remained tight-lipped giving no official word on Zavvi's price or release date.

Zavvi has not yet released a statement revealing what data -- if any -- it used to come to its estimates.