Nintendo officially showed off the Wii U at E3 2012 and IB Times UK got a chance to play some of the launch titles that will be available for the console when it launches this Christmas.

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Given that the console is heading to stores for Christmas 2012, the titles we were given a chance to play are the ones most likely to be available on the same day.

Some of the games were still in demo mode and had just one or two levels to play, so this hands-on review represents our thoughts and feelings on those titles at this early point in their development.

Here are our recommendations, with the games appearing in alphabetical order.

batman arkham city armored edition wii u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition

Overview: The amazing Xbox and PS3 game comes to Wii U. All of the usual features are there as Batman takes on assorted thugs running amok in Arkham.

Using both his detecting powers and his brute strength, Batman must navigate Arkham City, the new maximum security home for all of Gotham City's thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.

Touchscreen Controller Options: As if you needed a reason to replay this game (you didn't), the Nintendo Wii U throws in lots of extra options.

Batman can now activate a sort of super boost when he is in the middle of a ruck, allowing him to take down foes much more easily.

There are also some features utilising the touchscreen controller, called the GamePad. For example, Batman can throw the Batarang and by moving the controller's internal gyroscope players can direct it to its intended target.

Looking for evidence is now handled by moving the screen around to look at your nearby environment and focusing it on the place you want scan.

In practice this did not work as well as it should and it took us quite a while to lock onto the area we needed to analyse.

The last thing gamers want is for the Wii U bonus options to create a slower version of a game that is great on other platforms.

However, we were playing a level in a pre-release demo version so the kinks should have been ironed out in the final release.

Excitement factor: High. This is the game your Xbox and PS3 owning friends will pop round to replay.

just dance 4 wii u games console launch review

Game Title: Just Dance 4

Overview: Just Dance already uses the Nintendo Wiimotes to great effect as you throw your hands in the air like you just don't care.

Now it gets an upgrade courtesy of the Nintendo Wii U's touch screen which enhances that gameplay.

GamePad Options: Only available on one track in the demo we played, this makes those not playing the game a kind of puppet master controlling those who are doing the dancing.

When the track 'Moves Like Jagger' was played, an arrow in the background could be selected on the touchscreen to open a new set of options.

Now as players are dancing the person with that touchscreen can throw in specific moves that have to be performed, such as the Indian Whip or the Dog Dance.

They can also choose the 'Strike a Pose' option where players have to freeze in a certain stance until they are released to play the game again.

No word yet if other songs will be included with this feature but as the killer addition for the Wii U version we would imagine it will roll out with quite a few tracks set up like this.

Excitement factor: High. If only so you can go and put the kettle on while that annoying player is striking a pose and only release them once you have made a brew.

ninja gaiden 3 razors edge wii u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Overview: The Wii U version of NG3 promises better artificial intelligence and dismemberment, as well as six weapon types and three Ninpo types (which is more than the PS3/Xbox versions).

You had us at better dismemberment...

GamePad Options: All your combo moves appear on the controller's screen so there is no need to pause the game or take up valuable TV real estate to view them.

The controller also makes it easy to switch between special moves.

Excitement factor: Medium. Good gameplay but this may not have enough extra options to entice players who have already been through it on one of the other consoles.

Nintendoland wii u games console launch review 5 players

Nintendo Wii U: Nintendoland

Overview: "There are different attractions just like a normal theme park," says the Nintendo person showing us this game, summing it up nicely.

The 12 attractions each feature their own take on an existing Nintendo franchise and come in the form of mini-games.

Attractions announced so far include Donkey Kong's Crash Course, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest and Takamaru's Ninja Castle.

Our favourite was the intricate Donkey Kong level where the controller has to be tilted to move around, with lifts shunting you from platform to platform.

If Nintendo had any sense they would open this up to player created games in the same way Sony does with Little Big Planet.

GamePad Options: Loads. In some games five players can take part, with two working together to complete the same task.

Excitement factor: High. One to keep fickle kids who get bored with a single title quiet for much longer.

Nintendo Wii U: Project P100

Overview: Cutesy beat-'em-up with a whole world to wander.

The press notes we saw on the stand were subtitled 'Strength in numbers' and that is a good way to describe this game.

The idea is to pick up followers as you move around and then use that crowd to destroy your enemies, for example by turning them into a giant fist or an aeroplane!

GamePad Options: A nice touch in this game is that when you enter a building and can no longer see your character on the TV, your progress shifts to the screen in the controller until you re-emerge into the wider world.

Excitement factor: Very high. Our tip for breakout title on this platform.

Rayman legends wii u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Rayman Legends

Overview: Platform character Rayman has always had a fairly cartoony style. That fitted in well with the way games were often downgraded to fit the lower graphics output of the original Wii console.

Making good use of the new technology Rayman Legends looks and feels more high-definition than previous Wii versions.

GamePad Options: A two-player option allows one person to play on a normal gamepad as Rayman, with a friend playing as a secondary character that looks like a frog.

Those providing assistance use stylus clicks and the gyro function of the touchscreen.

Excitement factor: Low. We predict cries of, 'It's my turn to be Rayman now. Muuuummmm!'

trine 2 wii u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Trine 2: Director's Cut

Overview: The developers are creating an expanded edition of the game for the Wii U, hence the 'director's cut' title.

This will feature many things they say they had to cut from the original release on other platforms. It will also introduce the Magic Mayhem party mode for "frantic multiplayer" action.

On first impressions the graphics looked a little similar to Rayman Legends but the more we played the lusher they became.

Battling against undead mummies and switching between three characters with different strengths also gave the game more atmosphere than Rayman could muster.

GamePad Options: Using the touchscreen and the stylus allows attacks to be placed more precisely.

It's also very easy to switch between characters using this method.

Best of all, this is one of the Wii U games that can be played on the small screen of the controller without the need to have it appear on the TV.

Excitement factor: Medium. Push that rating to high if you have kids or a significant other who frequently take over the TV and you are looking forward to liberating it.

wii fit u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Wii Fit

Overview: The classic game mixing exercise with fun play gets a new twist.

GamePad Options: Another title where the gamepad becomes mobile and you can play using its screen without bothering the TV.

Certain mini-games in the package also have a different perspective when you look at the controller's screen.

In one game we played, the controller becomes a serving tray and the player has to hold it steady while they deliver items to other Mii characters.

Keeping it flat is hard enough thanks to the gyroscope inside the controller but that is made even harder because the only way to move your character is to lift your feet up and down on the Wii Fit balance board as if you were walking.

We are not sure a game delivering cakes is the right choice for Wii Fit, though.

Excitement factor: Medium. We prefer playing Wii Fit games in front of the TV so the option of playing on the small screen does not appeal as much with this title.

zombie u torch wii u games console launch review

Nintendo Wii U: Zombie U

Overview: Zombies. 'Nuff said.

Do the sensible thing and buy a Nintendo Wii U by endorsing its image as the family friendly, let's all play together console.

Then slip this title into your shopping trolley, wait until everyone else has gone to bed, turn the lights off and scare yourself silly.

GamePad Options: The scanning feature works similar to Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition, except you can spin around and view the whole area.

Careful mind, as that search for specific items takes your attention away from the main room and you will want your wits around you if one of the zombies jumps out.

The controller screen also acts as a way to view the inventory without having to bring it up on the main TV screen.

Excitement factor: Very high. Expect this to be the launch game of choice for age appropriate players.