The former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, has ruled out a dramatic comeback to political life after finally confirming he won't be putting himself forward as a candidate for the country's next elections in Spring 2013. The controversial figure kept the Italian people and the press speculating for months - but knowing the unpredictable and colourful character - he could well change his mind between now and then.

He was interviewed on the phone by the TV station he owns saying he was going to step aside to quote "allow all moderates to unite in a single force which can face the left together." "If centre-right-wing leaders share the common feeling that I cannot represent them, I am ready to stand back" - basically saying he's backing the current Prime Minister, Mario Monti, because he reckons is already doing a very good job. But the popularity polls are a very big sign. The Italian people have long fallen out of love with Berlusconi, since he resigned over the bunga-bunga scandal and Mario Monti replaced him. The 76-year-old former PM was accused of sleeping with underage prostitutes. He was also charged with tax fraud and generally abusing his position of power for personal gain.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.