Nokia is working on improving 5G technology and connectivity in Europe. The company has opened a specialised 5G Lab at its office in Espoo, Finland, on the lines of the 5G Future X Lab at its Nokia Bell headquarters in New Jersey.

Nokia has been working on technology for a long time but has recently expedited its efforts. The company is currently testing an end-to-end 5G (Provider-consumer) network and how it will function in the real world. According to Nokia Bell Labs president and chief technical officer, Marcus Weldon, customers can use the lab to see how a dynamically reconfigurable network like 5G works and how it improves performance in terms of latency, capacity, reliability and security. According to Weldon, it will also reduce the cost of ownership of 5G hardware.

"We look forward to hosting customers from around the world at either Lab to experience network slicing and learn firsthand how our 5G end-to-end network architecture will help them create new economic value," Weldon stated in the official press release.

The Finland-based lab will be powered by a Universal adaptive core, which will be highly adaptive and cloud-based. It will be usable with a variety of technologies and allow operators to deploy high-bandwidth services. See also Finnish online casinos here.

The lab will also have a service centre where it will be able to test various technologies through live network configurations in both industrial and consumer use cases.

Nokia has also tied up with Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo and automation company Omron to test 5G technology. The trial, along with the company's artificial intelligence technology will provide real-time training to its workers on 5G.

Machine operators will be monitored using cameras, with an AI-based system providing feedback on their performance based on an analysis of their movements," the company further stated in the official press release.

The company is growing from strength to strength because of its 5G tech. It has experienced strong growth in the second quarter of 2019 and has rolled out nine 5G networks along with signing 45 5G deals.

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