Phone maker Nokia is set to announce a partnership with technology company Oracle, giving its customers access to Nokia's mapping software.

The deal, reported by the Wall Street Journal, would give Oracle customers an easy way to integrate Nokia's mapping technology into Oracle's applications.

Nokia currently has deals in place with the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Groupon and Yahoo, as CEO Stephen Elop seeks to make the most of the company's location services.

Nokia currently is ahead of the pack when it comes to maps, after pouring billions of pounds into refining its system. At the Paris Motor Show last week the Finnish company announced a deal with six automotive brands including BMW and Mercedes, to use Nokia's maps in their in-car navigation systems.

The news comes as Nokia's rivals Apple apologised last week for their new maps app, after users complained that some towns were spelt wrong, were located incorrectly or were covered by cloud in the satellite images.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner