Nokia Lumia 800 Review Round-Up: Critics Give 'First Real Windows Phone' Thumbs-Up by Critics

The vanguard of Nokia's Windows Phone horde, the Lumia 800 launched today and kind people that we are, the IBTimes has completed a round-up of all the best reviews stalking the cyber-highways.

Unveiled in October during 2011's Nokia World, the Lumia 800 was described by Nokia as "the first real Windows Phone." Currently selling SIM-free at around the £399 mark the device met with mixed initial reactions with fans being sceptical of the device's single-core 1.4GHz processor and Windows Phone Operating system.

Yet, running against most analysts and consumers initial doubts a common most critics have listed the Lumia 800's Mango operating system as one of the device's best features.

Microsoft began unloading Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Wednesday, 28 September. The updated operating system boasted improved multi-tasking and a number of updated social network contact and calender integration features.

Past the general improvements, the new Windows Phone OS also houses enhanced access to Microsoft Office, the ability to manage multiple email inboxes and a new marketplace that allows Mango users to buy items from their PCs.


One of the first sites to report the Windows Phone OS as a valid competitor in the mobile market, TechRadar highlighted Mango's intuitive interface as a particular strength.

"Although we had our doubts during initial familiarisation with the Nokia WP7 environment the transition from the Symbian environment is much less painful than expected. In less than 48hrs we went from wanting to return to our old phones to not wanting to let go of this one," read the review.

Later adding: "Whereas the start screen tiles initially felt a little unwieldy and wasteful of the display real estate the reasoning behind the GUI styling soon became apparent such that we realised it is all about simplicity and intuitiveness."

Having published one of the kindest Lumia 800 reviews on the internet, the only problems TechRadar listed, regarded the device's battery and speakers.

"The phone speaker is disappointing based on previous Nokia devices with a quite tinny sound quality." Following up, "Battery performance is poor compared with other recent Nokia devices."


CNET UK were equally positive about the Lumia 800, giving it an impressive four out of five stars. Like TechRadar CNET UK highlighted the Lumia 800's Windows Phone operating system and user interface as being key strengths.

"Overall, the Lumia 800 is a very good handset. The Windows Phone software is slick and fun to use, especially if you like to keep up-to-date with what friends are up to on social networking sites. It also looks attractive and the excellent build quality gives you the confidence that it's built to last."

Despite its positive take on the Lumia, CNET UK did highlight a few problems. Specifically that the device had no front facing camera or microSD memory card slot. The device's price was also listed as a sore-point. Retailing SIM-free for £399, CNET UK highlighted its belief that the device's spec was less than it expected when compared to other high-end devices.

"Nevertheless, there are a few downers, including the lack of a front-facing camera, the average quality of the main camera and the fact that, like all other Windows Phone handsets, there's no microSD memory card slot.

"Perhaps the biggest issue though is the price. At roughly £400 SIM-free, it's bordering on the same territory as the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S. Both those handsets offer better screens and cameras, and considerably deeper app ecosystems, for a little more money," commented CNET UK.


One of the few sites to give the Lumia 800 a less-than-glowing write up, T3 criticised the device's screen size and battery life.

"Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop called this the 'first real Windows Phone' and based on this performance, it's hard not to agree - if you can stand the slightly smaller screen, that is.

"Battery life isn't stellar, and while we like the contrast ratios of the ClearBlack Display, it's not the best on the market."

Check back at the IBTimes later in November for a full Lumia 800 review.