North Korea's state-run television released on Friday (April 5th) video of mass military rallies across the country in support of its army, amid tensions on the Korean peninsula.

KRT showed massive rallies in Rason and Nampho city, but did not say when those rallies were held.

Thousands of North Korean soldiers chanted anti-U.S. slogans while marching through the streets with a banner bearing the words: "Full-scale war against the United States and its followers, Punish them mercilessly".

Tensions have escalated on the peninsula after Pyongyang was hit with U.N. sanctions for conducting a third nuclear test in February and the U.S. and South Korea staged joint military drills that North Korea viewed as hostile.

Pyongyang then threatened a nuclear strike on the U.S. and missile strikes on its Pacific bases and war with South Korea, prompting Washington to bolster forces in the region.


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