North Korea has said that the fuelling of a long-range rocket is under way. It claims the rocket will launch a satellite, but critics fear it is a test of long-range missile technology. This is scheduled to take place between the 12th and 16th April.

At a press conference the head of the Korean Space Technology Committee Paek Chang-Ho confirmed the launch was going to plan

"I think the fuel injection will be completed at an appropriate date. And as for the exact timing of the launch, it will be decided by my superiors."

Despite international protests, the reclusive Communist state has proceeded towards a test firing countdown and Paek Chang Ho also added defiantly

"We don't really care about the opinions from the outside. This is critical in order to develop our national economy. That's why we are going ahead with this launch."

While US Navy Admiral Samuel Locklear expressed concerns that this could compromise US security with the development of long range missiles.

The planned launch has heightened tensions in the region. Japan has deployed advanced US-made Patriot missile batteries around the country. The Philippines Defence Organisation has advised its citizens to stay clear of it's exclusion zone and three major airlines will be employing a no go fly zone.