North West Finally Unveiled to the World/Twitter/KrisJenner
North West Finally Unveiled to the World (KimKardashian/Facebook) Twitter

Kanye West has appeared on the season finale of Kris Jenner's talk show and revealed the first official photograph of his daughter, North West.

"How cute is that gorgeous baby!! Who do you think she looks like?" Jenner gushed over her granddaughter.

"I think she is an amazing combination of the two of you. She is so adorable. She has Kim's eyes; I think she has your cheeks and both of your lips. Some days she has your lips and some days she has Kim's lips."

"I pray that she looks like her mother when she's older," West added.

He also clarified that neither Kardashian nor he were in favour of selling pictures of their daughter.

"It's all this talk about baby pictures and can you get paid for the baby picture or do you want to put it on a magazine. And for me and your daughter we have not attempted to get paid for anything, we have not attempted to put it on a magazine. You just stop all of the noise and I thought it would be really cool on her grandmother's season finale to bring a picture of North," West stated.

Kanye West has been fiercely protective of his daughter's privacy and it was reported that he was in total control of the whole episode of Jenner's show. Meanwhile, new mother, Kim Kardashian was last spotted taking North West to attend West's grandfather's funeral in Oklahoma. It was the baby's first outing since the 4 July party. Kardashian chose to attend the funeral over her stepsister, Kylie Jenner's 16 birthday party.

Kardashian was seen carrying her two-month-old daughter covered in a blanket. The blanket covered most of the baby with only her tiny feet visible. The new mother seemed like she had lost much of the baby weight already. She wore a form-fitting black mini dress with a flared skirt. Kardashian completed the outfit with a long-sleeved black cardigan duster.