A Brazilian bar has started serving drinks in a special glass which can only stand up if it's rested on a smartphone, forcing drinkers to socialise with their friends rather than browse their phones.

The Offline Glass
The Offline Glass must be rested on a smartphone in order to stand up straight. (Credit: The Drinking Business)

The Offline Glass has been developed by advertising agency Fischer & Friends and is currently being used in Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paulo. A wedge is cut in the bottom of the glass meaning that it has to lean on something as thick as a smartphone in order to stand up straight. Fischer & Friends says it's designed to "rescue people from the online world" and "bring them back to their tables."

Having the glass rest on a smartphone prevents users from browsing the internet, tweeting or playing Angry Birds while out drinking with friends. The glass is designed in such a way that condensation and drips won't gather on the phone it's resting on, leaving people with no excuse to not use it.

Of course, savvy drinkers and smartphone users will simply be able to hold their phone in one hand and the glass in the other. However, smartphone tasks that require two hands will still be virtually impossible.

There a couple of potential pitfalls. First, the wedge on the bottom of the glass may not fit all models of smartphone, so if you have something super thin like the iPhone 5, which is only 7.6mm thick, the glass might not stand up. Also, forgetful smartphone users may simply grab their phone if it starts ringing, sending the drink tumbling.

The vibration function on a smartphone may also be a problem, as incoming texts or calls could send the Offline Glass wobbling or make it fall over.

Regardless, this is the closest we've come to restoring normality to the traditional pub conversation, and keeping social media at bay.