Defaced homepage of, hacked by Pak Cyber Pirates
The defaced homepagte of, hacked by Pak Cyber Pirates (screengrab by

The ZCompany Hacking Crew has attacked 800 websites to demand liberation of the Occupied Territories as part of Operation Freedom Palestine.

Pak Cyber Pyrates hacking group defaced and posted a statement on the homepages which said: "You can imprison our Palestinian brothers but you cannot imprison our hope. We will fight till the end, and we are coming to take revenge."

Last week, hackers under the name of The Hackers Army (THA) defaced more than 1,000 sites. ZCompany Hacking Crew leaked the details of more than 200 Israeli credit card number and published them on file-sharing site Pastebin, along with a list of UN resolutions condemning Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians.

"Only Israel, the United States, and a few US allies, clients and dependencies continue to deny recognition of the Palestinians as a people with the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organisation] as their legitimate representative," the statement on Pastebin said.

The development came after the hacker collective Anonymous renewed its threat to launch a cyber-crusade against Israel to end its "reign of terror". The hacktivists called on its member to attack influential US-based Zionist lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).