The recent verbal spat between Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad has got the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) authorities worried and disappointed. The board is now likely to take measures to ensure that cricketers stop hitting out at each other and level match-fixing allegations to settle personal scores.

The duo were involved in a verbal spat earlier this week over "money issues", with Miandad accusing Afridi of demanding a farewell match only for money which led Afridi to hit back at the batting legend claiming that a cricketer of his stature should not stoop so low.

Miandad then leveled match-fixing allegations against the all-rounder calling him a match-fixer propelling Afridi to decide to take legal action against him. The issue has angered the country's cricket authorities who want the spat to be resolved immediately.

"Miandad is not a part of the PCB, while Afridi is in the twilight of his career. So, unlike the Abdul Razzaq-Mohammad Hafeez spat of 2012 when the board played mediator, we can do very little to patch things up between the two. However, as the game's governing body in the country, the board may come up with a plan to stop cricketers from accusing each other of match-fixing to settle personal scores. Such accusations are detrimental to the country's cricket and need to be rooted out once and for all", a source said, as quoted by Express Tribune. (via DNA)

Afridi, who currently plays only the Twenty20 format of the game was supposed to serve a legal notice to Miandad on Thursday (13 October) later decided against such an action after getting assurances that the former skipper would tender an apology and withdraw the match-fixing allegations he leveled against him.

"Miandad has assured Afridi that he will retract his match-fixing allegation on some platform. Only after that, Afridi abandoned his planned legal battle against the great batsman," a source told the Express Tribune.