Payday 2 publishers, 505 Games, have released two gameplay trailers for the forthcoming First Person Shooter (FPS). The videos relate to skill progression and a new Safehouse option and explain improvements in gameplay.

The first trailer - for skills - explains how gamers can select from options to effectively build one of four archetypes to complement his/her team. These archetypes are:

  • Mastermind: Responsible for crowd control, leadership and healing squad members
  • Enforcer: Increased physical capabilities like carrying more ammunition and damage-absorbing capabilities
  • Technician: Deals with trip mines, drills and other electronic/mechanical wizardry
  • Ghost: A stealth-based character

Check out the skill progression trailer below:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/ALL505GAMES ]

As with the standard model, completing missions gives gamers skill points, which can then be spent on developing a character through any one of the above four skill trees.

The second trailer explains the Safehouse. This is a location that allows gamers to gather their loot and create a museum of sorts - for bragging rights. Additionally, the Safehouse also acts as a training centre. Lastly, money from successful heists can be spent on improving and accessorising the safehouse.

Check out the safehouse trailer below:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/ALL505GAMES]

Availability and Price

The game is expected to release later this month in the UK. Pre-orders have begun and can be found on Amazon UK.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: £22.99