Only 1% of the population has a photographic memory BoxerX/iStock

Do you have a photographic memory? Now is the time to find out.

This short quiz tests your ability to recall images. You will be asked to look at famous paintings for ten seconds before answering some detailed questions about them. Keep your eyes peeled.

To be awarded the title of having a photographic memory, you will need to beat 99% of other people taking the quiz.

The quiz itself actually tests your eidetic memory – the ability to see objects or images, and then remember what they look like. This ability is at its best in our childhood years, and begins to get worse after the age of six. By adulthood, it is usually all but disappeared.

That said, 12 individuals are known to have a condition called hyperthymesia: the ability to recall the minutest of details from their everyday lives. These range from the colour of a stranger's tie to what they had for dinner on any given date.