As the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal threw up allegations that Savile was part of an organised Paedophile ring. Police have confirmed, they are on the verge of arresting up to a dozen household names, some huge TV stars – including former BBC staff, in the next few days, as part of their on-going investigation.

The Met police commander Peter Spindler speaking at a press conference discussed the various categories of offenders who have been implicated.

However whilst this arrest strategy is great news. Evidence has emerged that police missed more 7 chances to arrest the well-connected Savile while he was alive, as each allegation was dropped. The Met Police said they had no record of complaints against Savile, but they then admitted, that two women did complain, about the presenter. One of which allegedly took place in a caravan at BBC Television Centre.

As this turnaround from the Met came to light Business Secretary Vince Cable speaking on BBC Question time said: 'The real scandal is why was it that in 2009 when he was still alive, the CPS had a lot of evidence and yet didn't prosecute.' Sentiments echoed by other political parties and commentators.

Written & Presented by Ann Salter