Economic differences can play a role in the way that mothers duly take care of themselves during pregnancy. Recent research showed that the rate of having stillborn babies is higher among poorer mothers compared to higher-income families.

Tommy's, a pregnancy charity, conducted wide-ranging research, which found that high-stress levels double the risk of having stillborn babies, regardless of pregnancy complications and other social factors. Worse, those mothers who are unemployed showed a risk that is three times higher.

Researchers from the University of Manchester's Tommy's Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre looked at more than 1,000 births at 41 hospitals in the UK. The research was conducted between 2014 and 2016.

The researchers found that getting the right antenatal care could help prevent pregnant women from having a stillbirth. Mothers who visited their obstetricians or had more doctor appointments than the national rules dictate have 72 percent lower risk as compared to those who do not get enough doctor appointments.

Jane Brewin, chief executive of Tommy's stated that their research would show that stillbirth is not a problem that can be solved solely with healthcare. Brewin underscored that the relationship identified by their research between stillbirth and social stresses highlights how the prevention strategy of the government should extend beyond healthcare and must go deeper into underlying issues of society.

The director of Maternity Action, Ros Bragg, narrated to Independent that it is quite urgent for the government to implement measures that would address poverty and deprivation during pregnancy. She added that having a good source of income, good housing and well-funded maternity benefits play an important role in ensuring that pregnant women are in good health, in turn, their babies also become healthy.

She also added that if the government is serious in combatting the risk of having stillbirths, then these social determinants of clinical care and health must be addressed. She emphasised that women would need secure and safe employment during pregnancy. She also added that it is not right that there are more pregnant women who had to deal with the stress of experiencing financial insecurity that puts them at risk of suffering from serious health problems.

Poorer mothers and having stillbirths. Photo: Pixabay