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President Barack Obama turned 50 today, but celebrated a day before turning his 50th birthdayinto a 2012 campaign fundraiser.

On Wednesday, the president was in his hometown of Chicago for a fundraiser which was his first in a month, after he put his campaigning on hold to deal with the debate over raising the debt limit.

The 100 supporters who attended the dinner in Chicago donated as much as $35,800 for tickets, while about 2,400 other donors -- some donning cone-shaped birthday hats with the Obama campaign logo on them holding their own birthday parties for him, wished him a happy birthday via video conference.

Jennifer Hudson, Herbie Hancock and the band OK Go were some of stars who entertained party goers.

Obama capped off the evening with a dinner of 100 donors who paid $35,800 apiece to attend. The president enjoyed a slice of a two-layer birthday cake from Eli's, one layer chocolate, the other carrot cake said Radar Online.