Scottish actor and comedian, Ronnie Corbett who had a long association with Ronnie Barker in the television comedy series "The Two Ronnies," received his Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) medal by Queen Elizabeth during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London Feb.16, 2012.

It was in The Frost Report (1966-67) that Corbett first worked with the famous comedian Ronnie Barker. It was here that Corbett and Barker were beginning to be thought of as a pair. They appeared with John Cleese in one of the most repeated comedy sketches in British television, the Class sketch.

Corbett and Barker were later given their own show, The Two Ronnies, which was hosted from 1971 to 1987 and featured Corbett's monologues, delivered from a comfortable easy chair and featuring references to "the producer".

Apart from The Two Roonies, his best known role was in the sitcom called Sorry! He also hosted the game show Small Talk and has played minor parts occasionally since its end, notably Griselda, in a television production of Cinderella in 2000, and reviving his armchair monologue routines for a weekly appearance in a stand-up show hosted by Ben Elton.

"You make people laugh. How long have you been in the business for?" Queen Elizabeth asked Corbett at the event.

The Daily Mail reported that Corbett, who praised the 85-year-old monarch for being "full of energy and sparkle", revealed he had made a full recovery after collapsing while celebrating the news of his CBE on New Year's Day. He said it had been due to low blood pressure caused by taking a large amount of drugs after an operation to replace his left knee.

However, Corbett mentioned that he was fine now and was, in fact, "fit as a fiddle."