While Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff have moved to WWE, winning the Raw Tag Team Championship in their comeback fight at WrestleMania 33, their feud with their former promotion, Impact Wrestling, continues over the "Broken Brilliance".

The brothers have been feuding with their previous employer over the "Broken" gimmick since quitting their company after re-negotiations on their contract fell apart this February.

It was thought that the WWE would be interested in the gimmick as it was extremely popular with Impact Wrestling fans, but it looks like the Hardy Boyz will have to fight their previous promotion for the act.

President of Impact Wrestling, Ed Nordholm, in a recent interview with the LAW, said that the WWE is not interested in the gimmick, which was made famous by Matt and Jeff. He also said that he felt that it was "unquestionable" that Impact Wrestling owned the idea.

"As far as I know, the WWE doesn't want the gimmick, and indeed, from every conversation I've had with them, I've been told they have no interest in it," Nordholm said.

He also said he has been getting heat for allegedly keeping the gimmick away from WWE.

"Oh god, no. We've been in communication because there's all this chatter about how we're keeping it from them. [Laughs] I'm taking heat because I'm keeping something from you. If you want it, why don't you call me? And their answer to me has been, 'No, not interested.'"

On the recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the WWE is not getting involved because the company does not want to set a precedent of buying an act or idea from someone else when they have their own talent-filled creative team. Meltzer, however, said that WWE is interested in the gimmick as the Hardys have been intensely talking about it despite using their old Hardy Boyz gimmick.

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