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[Warning: Some viewers may find images disturbing]

Let me start off by saying that thank the stars there weren't any canapés.

In possibly one of the most creative, yet insane, launch parties for a game, the Resident Evil crew threw one of the best parties of the year to celebrate the release of Resident Evil 6.

Gone were the buckets of champagne and greasy vol-au-vents and in their place were scientists, a pop-up mortuary and a human butchery - now open to the public.

In what can only be described as a unique experience, the press were corralled into the notably creepy Pathology Museum in St Bart's Hospital in London where jars of diseased human remains and skeletons have lined the walls from hundreds of years of scientific research.

Swiftly after a few glasses of wine, real-life PhD student in parasitology Andrew Voak conducted a lecture on parasites and how they can alter host behaviour, leading on to the plausibility of Resident Evil's C-virus - a mutagenic, non-carcinogenic virus used in a series of bio-terrorist attacks in 2013.

In what I could only assume would be a topic that was banned from all dinner party conversation, Voak deftly applied real-life parasitology to sci-fi events. On another note, someone should really give the guy his own TV show.

In the UK's most famous meat market, Smithfield's in London, Wesker & Son Resident Evil Human Butchery opened its doors and we were greeted with a pop-up mortuary, stool sample cocktails and tongue sandwiches.

However, seeing is believing. Take a look.