Zeddie Little
An image of the "Ridiculously Photogenic guy" Zeddie Little after the race from his Facebook fan page. Facebook.com

He conquered the world with a simple smile!

Zeddie Little, 25, flashed that simple smile in the middle of a 10km run in Charleston, in the US state of South Carolina, with the result that both that smile and he have gone viral - Zeddie Little is now an Internet sensation!

You've probably heard of him as the "ridiculously photogenic guy".

His image has been widely used with different headlines, tags and comments... mostly from adoring fans. In fact, there is even one image, on Twitter, of him with an image of Jesus Christ morphed on.

It just goes to show his popularity around the world... and all from a smile! Nearly 1.4 million people have viewed his photograph, in recent days, on Flickr and it has been re-uploaded countless times to other social networking Web sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The man behind the star is a South Carolina systems analyst and amateur photographer named Will King, who took the shots during the run and uploaded them to his Flickr account. A friend of his after seeing Little's photograph, commented: "I dub this guy Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic" according to a report in the Post and Courier.

Check out some of the more "ridiculous" tweets for the "ridiculously photogenic guy"

A fan named Priyanka Banerjee tweeted‏ @Wannasmush25: "@TheZeddieLittle It would be ridiculously awesome if the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy saw this tweet! :D"

An apparent die-hard fan, named Abbie Burness, wanted a reply from the celebrity. She tweeted: "@AbbieBurness "I'll do whatever it takes to be retweeted by ridiculously photogenic man! @TheZeddieLittle"

A hilarious tweet by Music = Life!‏ @penguinheart read: "@TheZeddieLittle are you an English teacher or something cos I can't spell ridiculously without autocorrect oops"

The list does not end here.

There was this tweet, from ‏@halilolsen, who tweeted: "@TheZeddieLittle can i have a retweet, i havent done anything, i just love you, Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic."

Incidentally, here is some heartbreaking news for all his more romantically inclined fans. Little is in what his father claims is a "committed" relationship... and has been so for five years now.

"My son is in a relationship and he is very committed to his girlfriend. I'm not sure what she makes of all this attention he has been receiving," he was quoted as saying in Daily Mail, "I'm excited for him. Yeah, I mean he's always been very quiet and very conscientious and never wanted any attention, and I think he's very much deserving of it."

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