Clad in their bikinis, sequins and feathers, the samba dancers at the Rio Carnival 2013 are the sexy showstoppers of the world's biggest street party.

On the opening night of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the sequined dancers in beguiling samba costumes danced their way through crowded city streets.

Swaying to beats of samba music, the revellers displayed spectacular costumes from all of Rio's samba schools, complete with gigantic floats, at the city's Sambadrome.

Samba schools in Rio train and create dancers and floats, with each school representing one neighborhood of the city. The samba dancers, most of them with near perfect bodies, prepare for the Carnival performance and competition for months and put in incredible amounts of hard work to create the spectacle that is the Rio Carnival.

Hollywood star Megan Fox and South Korean rapper Psy, of Gangnam Style fame, along with reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper beau Kanye West are some of the celebrities joining the Rio Carnival 2013.

Scroll down to see glittering images of beautiful Brazilian samba dancers on the streets of Rio de Janeiro with their perfect moves and enticing costumes.

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