It's not even been a week for the Australian Olympic Team at Rio de Janeiro and their stay has gone from bad to worse, with news filtering in that Team shirts and a laptop belonging to a cycling coach were stolen during their evacuation from the building due to a fire last Friday.

Australian team chef de mission Katy Chiller has confirmed that during their evacuation, a coach's laptop and several team shirts were stolen. Chiller did see three men leave the building with the shirts, but did not know at the time that it was a robbery.

"At the time I didn't know. I didn't know who they were. I didn't know if they were volunteers who had been given a shirt because they helped us. I thought maybe they've helped evacuate people and we've given them a shirt. But that doesn't seem to be what happened. There is no CC-TV in the village. At that time I did not know who they were", Chiller said as quoted by

"When you've got 15,000 beds, you've got a lot of people walking around the village. I'm not accusing anybody, but there's a lot of non-accredited- if you like- workers, cleaners, housecleaners, and maintenance workers walking around. Unfortunately, in an area of that size with the number of buildings and rooms there are, theft is going to be inevitable", she added.

This development has led to an extra security measure, all medals won the Australian team will be locked up in a safe during the games, with the athletes encouraged to store valuables such as passports in the safe.

The Australian Olympic team have had a torrid time ever since landing at the Olympic Village in Rio, with the team complaining about conditions relating to the state of their accommodation. Chiller went on record to state that the conditions were unlivable and were not in a fit state for human habituation.

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The Australian Olympic Committe previously complained that the Rio Olympic Village is currently unlivable Getty