The on-screen "Bella" and "Edward" from the "Twilight" films, Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have kept their personal relationship under wraps and keep silent on their status. But during a hand and footprint ceremony at Graumans Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday, the couple displayed their on-screen chemistry for fans in real life.

The actors, who put on a loving display and were noticed making each other laugh, were definitely making the "Twilight" fans want for more drama. Earlier the actress was seen making her footprints in a pair of pumps; later she slipped into heels. The actors were accompanied by Taylor Lautner as they were seen putting their hand prints into the cement as well as writing their names outside the Chinese Theatre.

The trio return to the big screen with the first installment of the highly anticipated film "Breaking Dawn" on Nov. 18. With the marriage of Bella and Edward and the couple consummating their marriage, Stewart and Pattinson will appear in the first sex scene of the series. Additionally, the actress has also admitted that the first time they had filmed the scene, things got heated up and the scene had to be completely recut.

Check out the "Twilight" actors and their chemistry at Graumans Theatre in Hollywood!