Flying through a storm left passengers praying for their lives. As Storm Dennis devastated Belgium over the weekend, a Ryanair flight from Morocco had a harrowing ordeal. On Sunday, the flight from Oujda, Morocco to Brussels, Belgium was hit with turbulent winds while approaching Belgium. In a video, the extreme reactions of the passengers have been documented.

Passengers onboard the Ryanair flight were aware that Belgium was still being battered by the storm. The three-hour, 40-minute flight allowed the passengers to witness the severity of the storm. The bumpy ride turned increasingly violent as the flight approached Belgium.

In the video, passengers can be seen strapped into their seats while the aircraft terrifyingly shudders and jolts. Passengers can be seen holding on to the seats in front of them to steady their bodies. One of the passengers can be heard very audibly retching.

Sick passengers are heard coughing and moaning as the aircraft continues to shake. Some of the terrified passengers can be heard crying uncontrollably. At one point the aircraft is seen shaking more violently. The already scared passengers are heard screaming. Some passengers can be heard continuously praying throughout the video.

Eventually, the flight did manage to land at Charleroi airport despite battling winds of up to 62 m/hr. Once the flight landed, the relieved passengers and staff deboarded the flight. The Daily Mail reported that there were no injured passengers or staff. Even though some passengers had motion sickness during the flight, they recovered after the flight safely landed in Belgium.

Not only has Storm Dennis devastated Belgium, it has caused serious devastation in the United Kingdom as well.

After River Severn burst its banks, severe flood warnings have been issued at many places. Residents of South Wales, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire have been asked to evacuate their homes for their safety. As the heavy rain is predicted to lash the UK until at least Friday, flooding poses a real threat to many lives and homes.

Storm Dennis
A record 594 flood warnings and alerts were in place Storm Dennis swept across Britain Photo: AFP / Oli SCARFF