Police in Chicago's 11th district are modernising their in-car systems using the Samsung DeX security system which will have a plugged in Samsung Galaxy smartphone inside. The venture was announced by Samsung earlier this week and Chicago Police Department posted a video of the launch on Thursday.

In its Facebook post, the police department stated: "The Chicago Police department is piloting Samsung DeX In-Vehicle Solution and plans to roll out the solution across the 11th (Harrison) District throughout the year. The initiative is designed to give officers more tools at their fingertips, including the ability to write notes, complete reports, connect to CPD servers, capture images and video and more. DeX technology works with an officer's Samsung Galaxy smartphone, allowing it to function as a computer when connected to a tablet and keyboard mounted within a police vehicle."

The connected Galaxy smartphone will provide officers access to dispatch alerts, gunshot detection notifications and real-time footage and control of security cameras.

The main difference between the traditional system and the Samsung DeX is mobility. While traditional systems are removable, they are not removed regularly because of their size and weight. The portability will have potential benefits in data collation. According to Samsung, the department will save 15 percent of its cost in the first year of installing the system and 32 percent thereafter.

Police officers can patch together cases and pieces of evidence more easily using the system, starting from getting the dispatch to filing an incident report. Most importantly, the Android app ecosystem will allow officers to easily record audio, take photos and notes. They will also tie-up with the department's existing systems better than the current systems. Officers will be able to file reports by speaking into their phones.

The police department has stated that all officers and dispatch cars of the 11th district will receive DeX docking systems by the end of the year. According to Chicago Police Chief Jonathan Lewin, the DeX system will make the 11th district the most advanced police department in the US and other departments are expected to follow its lead.

Chicago Police
Yellow police tape at a crime scene in Chicago (File photo). Reuters